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John Barry led an incredible professional career both at OHSU and internationally as a Urologist and Kidney Transplant expert. Growing up in rural Minnesota he enjoyed his schooling and can remember from a very young age deciding to become a doctor. While attending the University of Minnesota for undergrad and medical school, an experience losing a primary school playmate to kidney failure inspired Barry to pursue organ transplant. After serving three years in Vietnam as a General Medical Officer, he became a faculty member at OHSU serving in several positions, including Chief of Urology at the VA Hospital and Director of Histocompatibility. Dr. Barry worked outside of Oregon as well, with his work launching a kidney transplant program in Saudi Arabia. Extensively published and incredibly active in professional organizations, he was a key player in the fields of Urology and Organ Transplant, including spreading awareness of the Donate Life Northwest program. In this oral history interview, Barry recalls his professional life, including difficult encounters losing patients to failed kidney transplants and the major challenges that lie ahead for urology.


Transcript of oral history interview with John Barry, M.D., conducted on September 29, 2016 by Mike Seely.


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