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Dr. Charles Grossman gives some background on his upbringing in New Jersey, and speaks of various personal matters, including of his wife, Frosty, and their experiences traveling in the Soviet Union; his numerous trips to China, the first of which was made in 1974; his relationships with several well-known individuals, including actor and singer Paul Robeson and Brigadier General Evans F. Carlson. He also discusses aspects of his education, including his financial difficulties while in medical school, his participation with student organizations while at NYU, and his involvement with early penicillin research and use while an intern at Yale. He also talks about his move to the Northwest to work at Kaiser Hospital and controversies with local medical societies in regards to prepaid health plans. Dr. Grossman goes on to discuss his relationship with Senator Wayne Morse and his advice to students applying to medical school; his research in biochemistry at the University of Oregon Medical School, which was funded by the Public Health Service; his political activism, including his involvement with the Interagency Welfare Crisis Committee and his efforts with the summer lunch program for school children; his involvement with the Physicians for Social Responsibility; and his research regarding the effects of the Hanford Nuclear Plant on the local population. Dr. Grossman discusses the influence of John P. Peters on his career and closes by reflecting on the future of health care.


Transcript of oral history interview with Charles M. Grossman, conducted on November 6, 2008 by Ralph Crawshaw


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