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Biographical Information; Great Depression/Military Service; Undergraduate and Graduate Education; Princeton University; University of Oregon Medical School; Clinical Research Laboratory; Research on Hearing in Primates; Tinnitus Clinic; American Tinnitus Association; Contribution of Mark Hatfield; Neuro/Sensory Research Center (NRC); Oregon Hearing Research Institute; Federal and Private Funding; Becoming a University; Planning and Design of the NRC; Retirement; Fundraising and Donations; Digital Technology; Women and Minorities; Out-of-State Patients, Trainees


Vernon talks about his studies on the hearing of bats at Princeton University for 14 years and then his move to Portland, Oregon, in 1966 to establish a clinical research laboratory in the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat at the University of Oregon Medical School. He recalls his involvement in the creation of the Oregon Hearing Research Center, the Tinnitus Clinic, the American Tinnitus Association, and in planning the Neurosensory Research Center at Oregon Health Sciences University during the 1990s. He talks about his memories of Senator Mark Hatfield's support of hearing disorder research at the University.


Transcript of oral history interview with Jack Vernon, Ph.D., conducted on November 13, 1997 by Joan Ash


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