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Biographical Information; Great Depression/Canada; College and Teaching Certification; Library Degree; Move to Portland; University of Oregon Medical School Medical Library; Reference Librarian; Library Services and Staff; Bertha Hallam; Library Committee; Library Relationship with Administration; Library Internal Communication; Margaret Hughes; Becoming a University; Changes in Clientele, Services; Effects of Gender Differences; Regional Medical Library Selection; Space/Construction; Library Automation/Technology; Database Training/Specialization; Expansion of Teaching Role of Librarians; Acquisitions and Budget; History of Medicine; Archival Role of Library; Thoughts on Career


Rosenwinkel talks about her early career as a teacher in Quebec, about her relocation to Portland, Oregon in 1965, about how she became a librarian, and about her library career at Oregon Health & Science University Library from 1965 to 1998. She recalls her memories of Bertha Hallam and Margaret Hughes, two early directors of the Library.


Transcript of oral history interview with Heather Rosenwinkel, conducted on December 9, 1997 by Joan Ash


OHSU Oral History Project




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