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Biographical Information of David W. E. Baird; Teaching Hospital Administration; Associate Dean/Volunteer Faculty; Dean Richard Dillehunt; Teaching Hospital/Full-Time Faculty; Legislature and Board of Higher Education; Mark Hatfield/University Hospital; Growth of Research; Medical Curriculum; Tuberculosis Hospital; Campus Siting and Transportation; Changes in Nature of Care; Internship and Residency; Growth of Specialization; Crippled Children's Division; Oregon Regional Primate Research Center; Medical School under Dean Baird; State Funding/Fees for Service; Biographical Information of Michael Baird; Medical Student Life; Internship and Residency; Faculty Member/Administrative Positions; Hospital Accounting; Hospital Accreditation; University Consolidation; Medical Services Director; Tuberculosis Hospital; Dr. Charles Dotter; Dr. Edwin Osgood; Dr. Albert Starr; Town-Gown Relationships/Research Funding; Fees for Service; University Presidents; Thoughts on Career; Remembrance of Instructors


Baird talks about his medical education, internship and residency at the University of Oregon Medical School during the 1950s and his experience as a faculty member for seven years before becoming medical director and administrator of the hospitals and clinics, and then going into private practice. He recalls his memories of his father, David W. E. Baird, who was Dean of the Medical School from 1943 to 1968. He relates anecdotes about the Medical School during the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and its change into the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center in 1974. He talks about many people he knew or worked with, including Dean Richard Dillehunt, UOHSC President Lewis Bluemle, Charles Dotter, Mark Hatfield, Dean Charles Holman, President Leonard Laster, President Peter Kohler, Olof Larsell, Edwin Osgood, Albert Starr, Kenneth Swan, George Saslow, David Witter and Adolph Weinzirl


Transcript of oral history interview with Michael Baird, conducted on February 6 and February 19, 1998 by Joan Ash and Linda Weimer


OHSU Oral History Project




School of Medicine


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