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Coming to Oregon, 1959; “The Pickering Debacle”; The Birth of Faculty Council; Becoming a University; The President and the Dean: a New Relationship; Funding; Laster and Arthur; The New Curriculum; Women and Minorities at OHSU; Image: Perceptions of OHSU from Within and Without; Growth of the University; Index


J. Peter Bentley, Ph.D., discusses his move from England to work with Dr. John Dunphy at Harvard and his subsequent move with Dunphy to the University of Oregon Medical School where he completed his Ph. D. in biochemistry. He provides background information on William Montoya, Edward West, and Donald Pickering of the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center, and later, after he moved to the Marquam Hill campus with other biochemists, on Dean Charles Holman of the School of Medicine and Chancellor Roy Lieuallen and their roles in the formation of a faculty council. Bentley describes the difficulties that followed the merging of the three Schools (Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing) into the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center in 1974, involving new President Leonard Laster and School of Medicine Dean Arthur Ransom. He recalls the various efforts in curriculum reform and the tension between the clinical and basic science aspects of medical education. Having been a researcher, teacher, and faculty activist, he compares the researcher's perspective with that of the teacher. Dr. Bentley was born in Oldham, Lancashire, England in 1931. He helped start a local chapter of the American Association of University Professors and was an ad hoc member of the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate from its inception in 1969. Bentley was appointed Vice Provost of Academic Affairs in 1997 and retired from OHSU in 2002.


Transcript of oral history interview with J. Peter Bentley, Ph.D., conducted on December 10, 1998 by Linda Weimer


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