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Over the course of three interviews, Dr. Herbert Griswold looks back on his fifty-five years in cardiology. In the first interview, conducted by fellow cardiologist Dr. Jack McAnulty, Griswold discusses the history of cardiology, both nationally and locally. He talks about the growth of the Division of Cardiology at UOMS and about cardiac research conducted during his tenure. He discusses the Starr-Edwards heart valve and the development of the cardiac catheterization laboratory. The following two interviews were conducted more than two years later and look more broadly on Dr. Griswold's life and career. He discusses his early life and upbringing in Portland; his mother, Zula Griswold, principal of Portland Public Schools night school program; and his education at Grant High School and Reed College. A student at UOMS from 1939 to 1943, he participated in military drills, taught physiology courses, and served as an extern at the Portland Medical Hospital (now known as Gaines Hall). He talks about influential faculty members, including Bill Youmans, and discusses the particular challenges faced by women medical students in the 1930s and 1940s. After completing his internship and residency at San Francisco's French Hospital, he embarked upon a seventeen-month fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital with Dr. Helen Taussig, which was one of the first cardiology fellowships in the country. Griswold returned to UOMS in 1949 as an Assistant Professor in physiology and cardiology. Further talk covers the growth of the Division of Cardiology during Griswold's tenure, faculty recruitment and training, and grants and funding. He discusses the research of Albert Starr and Miles Edwards, Charlie Dotter, Richard Sleeter, and Jim Metcalfe. He also talks about the Division's efforts to train cardiologists from Portland area hospitals in newly developed techniques; UOMS fellows went on to establish cardiac catheterization labs and cardiac surgery programs in many local hospitals.


Transcript of oral history interviews with Herbert E. Griswold, Jr., conducted on March 31, 1996, July 14, 1998 and July 21, 1998 by Jack McAnulty and Joan Ash


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