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Alaska and the Pacific Northwest; Psychiatry in Oregon; Life in Administration; Corporate Culture at OHSU; Presidents Laster and Kohler; Dean John Kendall; Relationship with President Kohler; Search Committees and Recruitment at OHSU; OHSU Image; The Transition from Chair to Dean; Psychiatric Training; Delivery of Health Care in America; State and Private Funding at OHSU; Curriculum Reform; School-Hospital Relations; Department of Medical Psychology; Managed Care and Town-Gown Relationships; Life As Dean; Legal Affairs; Accreditation; Choosing a Career in Psychiatry; Anti-Semitism; Index


Joseph D. Bloom talks about his transition from private practice in Anchorage to an academic position at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center. He discusses the development of psychiatry in Oregon and about psychiatry training. He shares his impressions of Presidents Leonard Laster and Peter Kohler and past deans of the School of Medicine, particularly John Kendall. He discusses his years as an administrator, the relation between the school and hospital, and various changes that have led to the current state of medicine. Bloom received his education at Columbia College and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, interned in San Francisco at Mt. Zion Hospital & Medical Center, completed his residency at Massachusetts Mental Health Center, and came to University of Oregon Health Sciences Center in 1977. He served as Chair of Department of Psychiatry, 1986-1994; Dean of School of Medicine, 1994-2001; and returned to faculty of Department of Psychiatry afterward.


Transcript of oral history interview with Joseph D. Bloom, conducted on April 3, 2001 by Charles Morrissey


OHSU Oral History Project




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