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Betty Claycomb: Early Years; Keith Claycomb: Early Years; Military Service in WWII; Doctoral Student at UOMS, 1948-1951; Professor of Biochemistry at the Dental School; Moving the Dental School to the Hill; Dean Harold J. Noyes; Changes in the Dental School; Linus Pauling; Minority Student Affairs; University Consolidation; More on Minority Recruitment; Junior Dental Institute; Growth of the Campus; Neighborhood Parking Committee; Earthquake on Marquam Hill; Town-Gown Relations; Dean Holman’s Office; Deans Serving Presidents; Research at UOMS; Dean Noyes Versus the “Old Dentists”; Exchange Faculty Program; Image of the Dental School; Index


Betty Claycomb talks about her early life and how she met and married Keith. She recounts her experiences at the dental school before, during, and after the time it moved from Downtown Portland to its present building on Marquam Hill. Keith talks about Dean Harold Noyes of the Dental School. He describes his efforts to recruit minority students and how he was tapped by President Bluemle later to manage such a program for the University as a whole. They both reminisce about the explosive growth of the campus and its impact on surrounding communities. Betty discusses her work in the School of Medicine Dean's office during Charles Holman's tenure. Keith Claycomb was born in October of 1920 in Twin Falls, Idaho and Betty Claycomb was born in Eugene, Oregon. Dr. Claycomb was educated at the University of Oregon and University of Oregon Medical School (Ph.D., 1948). Keith became Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Oregon Dental School in 1951. He retired as Professor Emeritus in 1985. Betty worked in administrative offices in the Dental School and the Medical School.


Transcript of oral history interview with Keith and Betty Claycomb, conducted on March 18, 1999 by Linda Weimer


OHSU Oral History Project




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