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Biographical Information; Education at Ohio State and Harvard; Korean War and Military Medicine; Coming to UOMS with J.E. Dunphy; Structure and Function in Man; Markle Scholarship; DMSO Research; Legal Problems; Senator Mark Hatfield; Contribution of Bea Gerlinger; Clare Peterson; Lasting Contributions; Index


Stanley Jacob, M.D., talks about his early years and education, his service in the Korean War, and his years at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Army Chemical Center in Maryland. He joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School and worked under Dr. J.E. Dunphy at the Harvard Surgical Service. He moved with Dunphy to the University of Oregon Medical School where he was head of a transplantation program. He became an assistant professor of surgery and taught anatomy and physiology in the School of Nursing. He talks about his collaboration with Clarice Ashworth Francone on the textbook Structure and Function in Man. He shifted his focus to organ preservation and discovered in his research the pharmacological properties of DMSO, which he talks about at great length. He discusses his four-decade-long friendship with U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield and Hatfield's political career and contributions to the medical School. He also talks about Bea Gerlinger, heiress to the Willamette Industries fortune and an important financial contributor to the school, and about Dr. Clare Peterson, an OHSU Emeritus Professor of Surgery. Dr. Jacob was born in Philadelphia on January 7, 1924. He was educated at Ohio State University (M.D., 1948) and completed a residency at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and subsequently held positions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Army Chemical Center. He joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School. He came to the University of Oregon Medical School in 1959. He was appointed Gerlinger Distinguished Professor of Surgery in 1981. Dr. Jacob is author of several textbooks on anatomy and physiology and is widely known for his research on DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide).


Transcript of oral history interview with Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., conducted on September 24, 1998


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