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Early Years in Seattle; Education and Medical Training; Coming to UOMS; Monte Greer; Military Service; Joint Appointments at the VA Hospital; OHSU/VA Skybridge; Career at UOMS; Space Issues and Research at OHSU; Becoming Dean; Curricular Reform, Part I; Faculty Turnover and Recruitment; Curricular Reform, Part II; Information Technology; Becoming a University; Charles Dotter; Town-Gown Relations; Later Career; Index


In this oral history interview John W. Kendall, Jr., M.D., talks about his education, military service, and career at Oregon Health Sciences University. He talks about his appointments at the Portland Veterans Administration Hospital in the 1960's and 1970's and the University of Oregon Medical School in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's. Dr. Kendall was born in Bellingham, Washington in 1929. Kendall graduated from Yale University in 1952, the University of Washington Medical School in 1956, and completed an internship, residency, and endocrinology fellowship at Vanderbilt University between 1956-1960. He came to the University of Oregon Medical School as a fellow and joined the faculty in 1962. He took military leave from 1962-1964, serving as staff physician at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Great Lakes, IL. At the medical school, he served as Head of the Division of Metabolism, Chair of the Department of Medicine, Assistant Dean for Research, and Dean of the School of Medicine. He also held appointments at the Portland Veterans Administration Hospital as staff physician and Associate Chief of Staff for Research. He is internationally recognized for his research on the regulation of glandular function, particularly the regulation of pituitary and adrenal hormone secretion.


Transcript of oral history interview with John W. Kendall, Jr., M.D., conducted on June 23, 1999 by Joan Ash


OHSU Oral History Project




School of Medicine


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