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Move to OHSU; Relationship Between Library and Administration; Library Funding; Information Technology; Getting Into Biomedical Librarianship; Becoming a Librarian; Development of the BICC; Senator Mark Hatfield; Grant Writing; BICC Administration; Relationships with Other Libraries; Library Facilities; Early Impressions of OHSU; Recruitment of Staff; Biographical Information; Institutional Support; Library Staff; Comparing Oregon; On Staying at OHSU; Index


James E. Morgan talks about his education and library experience. He then discusses his experience as Library Director at the Oregon Health Sciences University. Morgan was born in Wheeling, WV and raised in Ohio. He was educated at Otterbein College and Arizona State College. He graduated from Arizona State College in 1965 and Florida State University in 1966. He held positions at Georgia College, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and the University of Connecticut Health Center before coming to Oregon. He joined the Oregon Health Sciences University in 1976 as Library Director.


Transcript of oral history interview with James E. Morgan, M.S.L.S., conducted on April 17, 2001 by Charles Morrissey


OHSU Oral History Project




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