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Early Years and Military Service; Dental School at Michigan; Coming to Oregon; Dental School on Northeast Sixth; History of the Dental School; Dean Hal Noyes; Dental Curriculum; Collaboration with School of Medicine and CCD; Funding For Dental Programs; Becoming a University; Further Collaboration with SOM; Dental Research; Department of Pediatrics; Dean Lou Terkla; Town-Gown Relations; Image of the Dental School; Dean Henry Van Hassel; Future of Pediatric Dentistry; Index


Donald R. Porter, D.D.S., talks about his early years, military service during World War II, and his education. He gives a short summary of the history of the University of Oregon Dental School which was in Northeast Portland when he joined the faculty in 1953. He talks about Dean Harold Noyes and the dental school curriculum in the 1950s and also discusses at length his many collaborative efforts with faculty in the School of Medicine and the Crippled Children's Division and how this collaboration was affected by the consolidation of the schools in the mid 1970s. Porter acknowledges the contributions of many faculty members with whom he worked closely. Dr. Porter was born in Detroit on April 28, 1925. He served in the U.S. Army from 1943-1946 and was educated at Wayne University and University of Michigan School of Dentistry (D.D.S., 1951). Porter completed a two-year fellowship in pedodontics and joined the University of Oregon Dental School in 1953 as assistant professor and acting head of the Department of Pedodontics. He served as head of the department until 1973 and then as Director of University Hospital Pediatric Dental Service from 1973-1989. Porter retired in 1989.


Transcript of oral history interview with Donald R. Porter, D.D.S., conducted on January 22, 1999 by Linda Weimer


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