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Growing Up in Seattle; Dental Hygiene in the 1950s; Teaching at University of Oregon Dental School; Becoming Involved in National Activities; Dept. of Dental Hygiene in the 1950s; Leaving Oregon, and a Return to Washington; Private Practice; Pursuing a Master’s Degree; Dental Hygiene in the Northeast; Working with the Council on Dental Education; Coming Back to Oregon; UOHSC Faculty Senate; Dept. of Dental Hygiene, 1970s-1980s; AHEC and Dental Hygiene; Allied Health Council; Budget Woes; Dental Hygiene Research; The Future of Dental Hygiene; Looking Back on a Career; Dental School Deans; Affirmative Action Programs; Information Technology; Fiftieth Anniversary; Index


Peg Ryan talks about her career in dental hygiene education and her work on the national level to further the professionalization of the field. She discusses changes in the university during her years there and about the Dental School Deans Lou Terkla, Henry Van Hassel, and Sharon Turner, as well as other prominent administrators. Finally, she explores the possible futures for dental hygiene education and the profession. Ryan was born in Seattle, WA. She was educated at the University of Washington and Columbia University (M.S., 1966) and served as faculty member at the University of Oregon Dental School followed by the University of Washington. Ryan was also Director of the Division of Educational Services, American Dental Hygienists' Association as well as Director of Dental Hygiene Education, Council on Dental Education, American Dental Association. She returned to Oregon in 1977 as Chair of the Department of Dental Hygiene at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center School of Dentistry. She retired from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1997.


Transcript of oral history interview with Margaret M. Ryan, conducted on October 28, 1998 by Heather G. Rosenwinkel


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