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Growing Up in Kansas; Medical School Years; Coming to Portland; Dr. Thomas Joyce; Going Off to War; Service Overseas; Utah Beach; Concentration Camps; Returning to Portland; Department of Surgery; Town-Gown Relations; American College of Surgeons; Women in Medicine; Portland Clinic Practice; Changes in Breast Surgery; Changes in Heart Surgery; First Pneumonectomy in Portland; War Stories; Experiences with Polio; Getting the Nickname “Bucky”; Another War Story; Joyce As a Surgical Leader; Family Life After the War; Doctor-Patient Relations; Index


Ambrose "Bucky" Shields, M.D., recounts experiences in medical school, surgical training with Dr. Thomas Joyce, private practice at the Portland Clinic, and his occasional affiliation with the University of Oregon Medical School. He focuses on his military experiences during World War II with the Army 91st Evacuation Hospital. He talks about the various surgeries over his years of practice, the relationship between the Portland Clinic and the Medical School, and the chairs of the Medical School Dept. of Surgery. Dr. Shields was born in Kansas on August 10, 1914. He graduated from the University of Kansas (M.D., 1940); interned at the University of Oregon Medical School, 1941; and trained as a surgeon through a preceptorship with Thomas M. Joyce, 1941-1942. He then served with the U.S. Army 91st Evacuation Hospital in World War II (1942-1945). Shields returned to Portland and went into private practice with Dr. Joyce at the Portland Clinic. He worked intermittently for UOMS as an instructor in surgery and retired in 1980.


Transcript of oral history interview with Ambrose "Bucky" Shields, M.D., conducted on April 7, 2004 by Richard Mullins, M.D.


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