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Biographical Information; Grace Phelps: Move to Oregon; Phelps Family Ties; World War I; Grace Williams: Early Recollections; Great Depression; Pediatric Nurse Training; Grace Phelps: Social Activities; World War II; Women in Professional Life; Grace Phelps: Accomplishments; Grace Williams: Reminiscences of Friends and Family; Index


Grace Williams was born in Portland, Oregon in January of 1917. Williams was educated at the University of Oregon and Northwestern School of Law. She moved to Canyon City, Oregon in 1943 and began a law practice there, which she continues. She served as District Attorney for Grant County, 1959-1979, and served as Senior Intern for U.S. Senator Bob Packwood in 1980. In 1984, she was appointed to the Governor's Commission on Senior Services. Williams reminisces about her Aunt Grace Phelps, R.N., sharing anecdotes about her life and Phelps's as well as the history of the Phelps family. She also talks about the two world wars; the Great Depression; and Phelps's professional, civic, and social activities. Grace Phelps, R.N., was born in Hamilton County, Indiana in 1871. She graduated from the Cincinnati General Hospital School of Nursing in 1900 and moved to Oregon in 1909. She became the second director of the Multnomah Hospital Training School for Nurses in 1915, served as Chief Nurse of the 46th Base Hospital in World War l (1918-1919), was Superintendent of the Portland Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Hospital (circa 1920-1925), and Director of Nursing Service at University of Oregon Medical School and Superintendent of Doernbecher Hospital from its founding in 1925 until her retirement in 1942. She died in 1952.


Transcript of oral history interview with Grace Kingsley Williams, conducted on October 22, 1998 by Barbara Conway Gaines


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