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The Twelfth Biennial Report for the Oregon School for the Education of Deaf Mutes for the two years ending December 21, 1894, to the Legislative Assembley, Eighteenth Regular Session, 1895. Includes information on school expenses, activities, and pupil statistics.


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Oregon--Portland; Annual Reports; Education; Schools; Deafness


OHSU Closed Stacks; 996851501858

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Data includes Board of Trustees; officers; Trustees' report; superintendent's report: the school, health, improvement, committee reports; report of the Ladies' committee: health, reccommendations; appropriations; list of pupils: name, residence, where and when born, age and cause of deafness, admitted, dismissed, and time in school; abstract of warrants; vouchers drawn on building fund; farm produce.

Twelfth Biennial Report of the Oregon School for the Education of Deaf Mutes, 1895

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