Levent Erkok


October 2002

Document Type


Degree Name



Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering


Oregon Health & Science University


This thesis addresses the interaction between recursive declarations and computational effects modeled by monads. More specifically, we present a framework for modeling cyclic definitions resulting from the values of monadic actions. We introduce the term value recursion to capture this kind of recursion. Our model of value recursion relies on the existence of particular fixed-point operators for individual monads, whose behavior is axiomatized via a number of equational properties. These properties regulate the interaction between monadic effects and recursive computations, giving rise to a characterization of the required recursion operation. We present a collection of such operators for monads that are frequently used in functional programming, including those that model exceptions, non-determinism, input-output, and stateful computations. In the context of the programming language Haskell, practical applications of value recursion give rise to the need for a new language construct, providing support for recursive monadic bindings. We discuss the design and implementation of an extension to Haskell's do-notation which allows variables to be bound recursively, eliminating the need for programming with explicit fixed-point operators.




OGI School of Science and Engineering



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