January 2002

Document Type


Degree Name



Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering


Oregon Health & Science University


In the age of growing Internet commerce, companies are eager to understand their customers' behavior in order to build strong relationships with their customers. Companies are analyzing the log files from their Web servers and are integrating that data with their data warehouses. This thesis presents a method for storing clickstream data into a database as it is generated on a Web server on a single, highly scalable system. This study analyzes the performance effect of this method and gives performance data that show consolidation has little effect on the performance of the Web server and the database server used. Additional benefits of this method include accelerating the process of analyzing customer behavior, reducing costs associated with maintaining a large number of systems, the ability to reallocate resources between tasks, and the ability to upgrade the system to meet the demands of a growing business.




OGI School of Science and Engineering



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