Izumi N. Reed


October 1998

Document Type


Degree Name



Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering


Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology


The goal of this thesis is to determine the corrosion behavior of a new class of advanced materials, namely: titanium carbide reinforced iron composites containing chromium (Fe-Cr-TiC) and chromium and manganese (Fe-Cr-Mn-TiC). TiC has excellent physical properties, such as high melting point, low density, high Vickers hardness value, high electrical resistivity and low thermal expansion. Due to their great wear resistance characteristics and toughness, these materials show potential applications in pulp and paper industries, mining and mineral processing industries, metallurgical industries, cement industries, and electric industries. Some components made of these materials may work under a combined action of corrosion and wear. This study is aimed at determining the corrosion behavior using electrochemical methods such as potentiodynamic and potentiostatic. Two different electrolytes were used in this research: 1N (0.5 M) sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and 1N (0.5 M) sodium sulfate (Na2SO4). The experiments were performed on the following materials; Fe-TiC, Fe-Cr-TiC, Fe-Cr-Mn- TiC and their matrix materials.





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