March 2006

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Dept. of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology


Oregon Health & Science University


Dr. Jim Anderson from the OHSU Radiology Department and I are developing a Web-based education project similar to one discussed at the Slice of Life Conference for Medical Multimedia Developers and Educators. Our project is based on CT Head images as opposed to spine images utilized by Dr. Pusic for his presentation during the Slice of Life Conference.[1] Web logs will be used to assess the participants' time per Web page as well as other, evaluative measurements such as use of a pre and post-test. [2] The Web program will be in two parts, each part used to compare and contrast two different teaching formats. Lecture Module I follows a PowerPoint slide information/lecture format with corresponding examples of head CT images. Lecture Module II will utilize more normal and abnormal head CT images and less lecture material. Both formats will incorporate a 10-question pre and post-test. The test will be composed of 1 to 2 normal head CT images or normal variants and 3 cases where the user must type in free text differential diagnosis answers. This will be more difficult than a multiple-choice selection as there is nothing textual to augment your memory. The other 5 questions will be multiple-choice selections for the correct diagnosis. The Web-based computer tutorial will be used to determine which teaching format is more effective: Lecture Module I (Arm 1) with more lecture material and less images or Lecture Module II (Arm 2) with more images and less lecture material.




School of Medicine



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