August 1986

Document Type


Degree Name



Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering


Oregon Graduate Center


The tasks associated with designing and. implementing parallel programs involve effectively partitioning the problem, defining an efficient. control strategy and mapping the design to a particular system. The task then becomes one of analyzing the program for correctness and stepwise refinement of its performance. New tools are needed to assist the programmer with these last two stages. Metrics and methods of instrumentation are needed to help with behavior analysis (debugging) and performance analysis. First, current tools and analysis methods are reviewed, and then a set of models is proposed for analyzing parallel programs. The design of IPPM, based on these models, is then presented. IPPM is an interactive, parallel program monitor for the Intel iPSC. It gives a post-mortem view of an iPSC program based on a script of events collected during execution. A user can observe changes in program state and synchronization, select statistics, interactively filter events and time critical sequences.





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