August 1985

Document Type


Degree Name



Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering


Oregon Graduate Center


Stainless steel castings of the type CF-3M, CG-8M and CF-3C were studied to determine the effect of exposure at 316, 427 and 594°C (600, 800 and 1100°F) for the durations up to 14,000 hrs. Substantial reduction in the room temperature CVN impact toughness resulted after aging these castings. Also, hardness and microhardness values increased with aging time. The ferrite contents of castings decreased with increasing aging time at 594 and 427°C (1100 and 800°F), but the ferrite content increased after aging at 316°C (600°F). The weldability of these castings (as measured by the varestraint test) was found to be excellent. No significant change in the weldability and hot cracking susceptibility was found as a result of aging the castings at 594 and 427°C (1100 and 800°F) up to 10,000 hours. Only after the ferrite content exceeded about 22 FN did a noticeable increase in the hot cracking tendency occur. Higher sulphur contents gave rise to greater hot cracking tendency of the weld





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