January 1979

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Dept. of Biochemistry


Oregon Graduate Center


Culture parameters influencing metabolism of synthetic [superscript 14] C-labeled lignin model compounds to [superscript 14] CO2 in defined media by the fungi, Polyporus versicolor and Phanerochaete chrysosporium, were examined. Model compound metabolism was oxygen-dependent. Agitation of the cultures, resulting in formation of mycelial pellets, suppressed [superscript 14] CO2 evolution by P. chrysosporium, to a greater extent than by-P. versicolor. The concentration of nutrient nitrogen was critical; [superscript 14] CO2 evolution was retarded at 12 mM ammonium tartrate relative to 1.2 mM ammonium tartrate. Cultures evolved more [superscript 14] CO2 when grown on xylose than on either glucose or glycerol. Initial glucose at 0.1%concentration was significantly less supportive of growth and [superscript 14] CO2 evolution than cultures with 0.5-1.0% glucose. Studies with cycloheximide, a protein synthesis inhibitor, demonstrated that the lignin model compound degrading enzyme system was constitutive. 4-Methoxyl-[ [superscript 14]C] veratryl alcohol was found to be a catabolic product in the metabolism of 4-methoxyl-[ [superscript 14]C]veratrylglycerol-β-guaiacyl ether and 4-methoxyl-[ [superscript 14]C] veratric acid to [superscript 14]CO2.





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