Jim McGill


August 1972

Document Type


Degree Name



Dept. of Chemistry


Oregon Graduate Center


This thesis is the development of a method for detection and quantitative determination of trace levels (10 superscript -12 moles in a 1 ml sample or 0.02 ppb Pb) of metal ions in complexing and noncomplexing media. The method used was anodic stripping voltammetry using a thin mercury layer (10-7 moles/cm2) plated on a graphite electrode. But, instead of using a large volume cell, as has been common, a cell was used that had a very thin(10-3 cm) layer of solution in contact with the indicator electrode. The solution in the thin layer was forced through the cell by a syringe drive. The purpose of this work was three fold: (a) the development of the thin layer cell and the mathematics that describe it, (b) the application of the cell to the detection of trace metals, and (c) the study of the strength of complexes of metal ions formed with ligands such as may be found in natural waters.





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