October 1988

Document Type


Degree Name



Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering


Oregon Graduate Center


The thesis investigates a way to perform realistic three-dimensional texturing of ray-traced objects that is especially useful for objects with irregular surfaces. Two similar existing methods are texture mapping and particle systems. The thesis describes these methods and points out their strengths and weaknesses. It then proposes an alternative to these methods that uses a construct called a lattice. Lattices make as fast ray tracers, but they are inexact. As long as lattices are used for small objects, though, their inexactness doesn't show on the scale of the display, and the result is acceptable. The thesis also shows how lattices fit with the more traditional large-scale ray tracer, combining lattices with a Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) object model to produce several examples. Time and memory space considerations are major constraints on lattices. The thesis discusses these limitations and how they can be reduced.





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