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Purpose: To collect and analyze Nutrition Care Process (NCP) data using the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Health Informatics Infrastructure (ANDHII), including completion of Nutrition Care Process chains, as well as subject perceptions of ANDHII, and its time-burden. Methods: Acute care dietitians were recruited through the Dietetics Practice Based Research Network of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for a 5-week study. A subset of each of their patients was randomly selected for nutrition care documentation via either ANDHII or usual care (UC). Dietitians recorded all nutrition care time (NCT) and, at the conclusion of the study, completed an anonymous survey. Analysis: Performed with SPSS 18, an unpaired t-test compared NCTANDHII with NCTUC, double reciprocal-transformed linear regression of NCTANDHII by ANDHII experience (entries completed), controlled for patient familiarity (prior visits), estimated NCT for experienced users (NCTe), and one sample t-tests compared NCTUC with NCTe and benefit:time-burden ratio with 1. Results: Ten dietitians used ANDHII with 46 patients, recorded nutrition care time on 99 visits, and completed the perceptions survey. ANDHII collected 99 assessments, 45 nutrition diagnoses, 117 interventions, and 107 monitoring targets. Of survey responses regarding both ANDHII ease of use and desire to continue use, 90% and 60%, respectively, were neutral or better. The mean ratio of perceived benefit:time-burden was 1.3±0.35 and significantly greater vi than neutral (p=0.015). NCTANDHII was greater than NCTUC (65±32 v. 50±24 minutes, p=.021). A trend towards decreased time burden with ANDHII experience was observed (pmodel=.004), predicting an NCTe (52 minutes) not significantly different from NCTUC (p=.565). Conclusions: ANDHII successfully collected NCP data via automated queries. The majority of subjects felt that ANDHII was easy to use and beneficial to their practice. The increase in time burden with ANDHII use is expected to disappear with experience.




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