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Importance: Although electronic health record (EHR) systems have potential benefits such as improved safety and quality of care, the majority of ophthalmology practices in the United States have not adopted these systems. Concerns persist regarding potential negative impacts on clinical workflow. In particular, the impact of EHR operating room management systems on clinical efficiency in the ophthalmic surgery setting is unknown. Objective: To determine the impact of an EHR operating room management system on intraoperative nursing documentation time, surgical volume and staffing requirements. Design: For documentation time and circulating nurses per procedure, a prospective cohort design was employed between 2012 and 2013. For surgical volume, overall staffing requirements, and documentation elements, case series designs were employed. Setting: Ophthalmic operating rooms at an academic medical center. Participants: All ophthalmic operating room nurses and surgeons. Exposure: EHR operating room management system implementation. Main Outcome Measures: 1) Documentation time (absolute documentation time [minutes], percentage of operating time documenting [POTD]), 2) Surgical volume (procedures/time), 3) Staffing requirements (full-time equivalents [FTEs], circulating nurses/procedure), 4) Operating room turnover times (minutes). Outcomes were measured during paper baseline, and during the early (first 3 months) and late (4-12 months) periods after implementation. Results: There was a worsening in total POTD in the early EHR period (83%) vs. paper baseline (41%) (P




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