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Cross-sector collaboration (CSC) is an opportunity for health sector professionals to influence determinants outside their normal practice. This constructivist grounded theory study explored how professionals representing the health sector collaborated across sectors to create built and related policy environments that support active transportation (AT). Three sources of data informed this study: primary interviews, secondary interviews, and case descriptions retrieved from the literature. Data collection and analysis occurred simultaneously until theoretical saturation was reached. The core conceptual process identified was

institutionalizing active transportation across sectors, which involved influencing the norms, discourses, policies, and practices of cross-sector partners so that partners’ decisions surrounding the built and related policy environment supported AT. The core conceptual process was comprised of three sequential critical processes (a) getting buy-in by framing the issue and establishing credibility, (b) developing a shared vision by laying a foundation and negotiating roles, and (c) collaborating. This core process occurred within the context of two motivating conditions: improving socio-political environment and increasing scientific evidence. Being present, being humble, translating, navigating politics, and locating supports were supporting processes that facilitated the critical processes. There was an unexpected finding in this study: Some participants encountered resistance from cross-sector partners to incorporate health equity principles into CSC projects.




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