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STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This project is about information overload and its effects on healthcare workers. When the sources of information are multiple and varied, adverse effects may occur. This project will explore the nature of these effects. The specific goal of the project is to create a survey to explore the perceived degree of information overload along with coping skills used by healthcare personnel. The following survey was developed after farming an original research question of information overload and its effects on the employees of hospitals and clinics. The survey was validated by a group of physicians and nurses. BRIEF DISCUSSION OF WORK PERFORMED A select group of physicians and nurses were brought into a medical clinic and piloted the survey. Their job was to validate the questions. Their comments and observations were incorporated into the survey and were presented to the advisor of the project. Another group was given the survey and they were timed on the survey. This survey is going to be available to any institution that would like to perform a test to find out whether information overload is real in their institution and implement solutions to nullify the effects of information overload. SUMMARY OF RESULTS Development of questionnaire of survey was done by the author of this presentation with the guidance of the advisor. After the survey was developed it was presented to a group of healthcare workers for validating the survey. The group consisted of three physicians iv and three nurses and one office manager. The physicians felt the questions in the survey were appropriate and no changes needed. CONCLUSIONS The review of the literature has indicated the growing problem of information overload is real and is probably causing stress among healthcare workers. The literature also shows various effects according to the institution. We proposed some solutions to help the healthcare workers overcome the deleterious effects of information overload.




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