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Dept. of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology


Oregon Health & Science University


Objective: To develop a framework for payors, integrated delivery systems, policy makers/legislators, and those who influence public policy that will assist them in the development of incentives and payment mechanisms in the context of health information technologies, such e-prescribing.

Study Design: We used a combination of a Global Delphi Study and Framework Experts, reviewing the stakeholders and positives and negatives from the perspective of each stakeholder involved in e-prescribing.

Methods: We used Brainstorming, Narrowing, and Finalizing Rounds, with web-based questionnaires to obtain the Experts' perspectives on e-prescribing, including rank ordering the positives and negatives for many of the stakeholders, and to develop a Framework. We had Framework Experts evaluate the Framework.

Results: The Delphi Experts identified additional stakeholders, along with additional positives and negatives from the perspective of certain stakeholders. The Experts reached much consensus in the rank ordering of the positives and negatives. They found the Framework useful, comprehensive, and generalizable to other health information technologies.

Conclusions: It is not possible to fully participate in payment for quality and cost-effectiveness models or develop effective incentives without access to health information technologies, such as e-prescribing, and any return on investment calculations should include all applicable stakeholders and positives and negatives.




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