Jose Gude



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Dept. of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology.


Oregon Health & Science University


Swedish Medical Center (SMC) in Seattle has been performing acute medical hospital admissions via Telemedicine since 2012. To date, no studies have been published to determine if this novel technological application is safe and effective. Telemedicine applications (namely, Telestroke and Tele-ICU), coupled with the shortage of physician resources, have been the basis for the creation of a “Telehospitalist” model. The current Telehospitalist model at SMC, including the technological and training requirements involved in its operation will be described in this capstone.

A case study of a non-critical medical patient admitted to the hospital via telemedicine will be presented. This case shows a successful patient Telemedicine admission, as evidenced by the determination of an accurate early diagnosis and prompt initiation of treatment, patient improvement and hospital discharge with no complications, and an overall favorable patient experience.

In conclusion, telemedicine may be a safe and effective way to conduct acute medical hospital admissions that do not require critical care services, and could represent a paradigm shift in the way patients are evaluated and admitted to the hospital when clinician resources are scarce.




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