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Purpose: The purpose of this project was to design a plan for assessing caregiver burden in an Oregon Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Center (ADCC). The tool chosen was a shortened form of the Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI).

Design & Methods: A short-form ZBI score cutoff was established based upon research suggesting a correlation between ZBI scores and symptomatic depression. To validate this score demographic information of caregivers being seen at the OR ADCC was compared to two studies examining ZBI scores and caregiver demographics across large sample populations. To accomplish this, caregivers arriving with patient at the ADCC were given surveys including the short-form ZBI and demographic questions over a 3-month period.

Results: Forty-six surveys were used for final statistical analysis. Mean short-form ZBI score was 7.24/16 (sd=4.05). The average age of participants was 61.54 years old, ranging from 31-89. The majority was female (28, 60.87%), married (40, 86.96%), unemployed (25, 54.34%), and spouses (28.26%) or daughters (15.22%).

Implications: A short-form ZBI score of five was established as an appropriate cutoff for identifying elevated risk of symptomatic depression in caregivers. Good correlation was demonstrated between the two comparison studies and this sample population. The ZBI was found to be a suitable tool for the assessment of caregiver burden. Further study should be conducted before implementation of this caregiver burden assessment strategy in other institutions. Additionally, study should be directed toward establishing further clinically relevant outcomes of elevated ZBI scores.




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