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The purpose of this dissertation was to examine the use of cues used by standardized patients in nursing simulation in an effort to meet scenario objectives. Qualitative descriptive research was used to examine 25 recorded episodes of a simulation scenario involving an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s disease and her caregiver were used in this study. Results indicated that standardized patients, to propel a simulation, used both specific and a range of cues. Concepts were created from cues to organize and group similar cues. Evidence supports the use of both actors and students as standardized patients. Consistency in concepts allowed for opportunity for nursing students to meet simulation objectives. Simulation designers who create cues that correspond with simulation objectives can evaluate results of this study. As the use of standardized patients expands in nursing education, the use of cueing that aligns with the level of the students in an effort to meet simulation objectives is required to ensure successful simulation implementation.




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