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Background: Anesthesia information management systems (AIMS) are sophisticated hardware and software technology solutions that can provide real-time, point-of care feedback to anesthesia providers. This feedback can be tailored to provide clinical decision support (CDS) to aid clinicians with processes of care, compliance with documentation, and adjusting resource utilization. I conducted a systematic review of near real-time and point-of-care CDS within AIMS within the framework of the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Protocols (PRISMA-P) to evaluate and categorize peer-reviewed reports of the benefits of CDS in AIMS.

Methods: Studies were identified using searches of the electronic databases Medline and EMBASE. One reviewer analyzed the search results and screened studies based on title, abstract, and full text. Studies of sufficient homogeneity in terms of design, intervention, and desired outcome were allocated into one group

Results: The analysis included 23 articles (Table 1). The Medline search query returned 1,063 articles and the EMBASE search query returned 162 articles for a combined total of 1,125 articles in the initial sample (Figure 1). The review of article titles eliminated 1,064 articles, leaving 61 articles. During the review of article abstracts, 28 articles were removed, while 5 articles were eliminated after review of the full article text.

Conclusion: There is strong evidence for the inclusion of near real-time and point-of-care CDS in AIMS to enhance perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis compliance as well as documentation compliance and completeness. Additional research is needed in many other areas of AIMS-based CDS.




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