August 2010

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Dept. of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology


Oregon Health & Science University


This paper investigates integrating new cognitive health coaching monitoring and behavioral summary metrics into standard personal health record and electronic health record systems. It is predicated on the reality of a rapidly increasing elderly population in the United States that is facing cognitive decline, and traditional healthcare infrastructure not being scaled to handle projected patient demand in the coming decades. The project is a derivative of an overarching program being conducted by Dr. Holly Jimison‘s team at Oregon Health & Science University. New variables are focused on three primary study categories: sleep management, cognitive health monitoring and remediation, and socialization. Specific aims are to define the new monitoring and behavioral summary metrics variables and their respective elements; research summary data representation in personal health record systems; and consult with various university professionals to understand which reports from the personal health record might be relevant and useful to clinicians using electronic health record systems. A mixed research methodology is composed of traditional information gathering techniques, personal interviews, and review of personal health record and electronic health record systems. Resultant findings indicate dashboard, graph, and chart formats should be employed and catered to the respective summary reporting preferences of health coaches and clinicians. Sample reports are available to the team for future implementation into a test or production infrastructure. Ultimately the desired outcome of this work is to assist patients to live relatively independent lives and maintain a sense of dignity during the aging process.




School of Medicine



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