Amy C. Norcom


May 2006

Document Type


Degree Name



Dept. of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology


Oregon Health & Science University


OBJECTIVE: To find an acceptable method of presenting guideline adherence or "profiling" data to primary care providers in a chronic diabetes clinic. METHODS: We presented guideline adherence data to a select group of clinicians and gathered verbal and written feedback. This feedback informed changes to the data presentation, and a new version was presented to six physicians in a second round of feedback, gathered through one-on-one interview sessions. RESULTS: In our second round of feedback, our data presentation gained much acceptance. All interviewees either strongly agreed (5/6) or agreed (1/6) that the information was useful. In addition, all six either strongly agreed (3/6) or agreed (3/6) that the information was likely to improve patient care. Constructive comments were plentiful, and suggestions for changes to the graphs and tables fell into five groups: changes in format, appearance, content, presentation, and specific guidelines. CONCLUSION: Our final format for presentation of profiling data to physicians is acceptable to incorporate into an overall diabetes management program; however, there is more work to be done before the feedback tool can be integrated with the electronic health record and implemented in a monthly profiling system.




School of Medicine



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