December 2007

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Dept. of Biomedical Informatics


Oregon Health & Science University


Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) curricula are now an integral part of medical education. These curricula are taught in various formats and to students of various medical disciplines. While competency based learning is being promoted by prominent medical education entities, no formal attempt has been made to develop competencies that a practicing clinician needs from an EBM course. The purpose of this project was to develop competencies for the EBM course being taught at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). Competencies were developed based on the perceived needs of a practicing clinician. Each competency was written to follow the SMART paradigm. Finally the competencies were linked to the particular unit or subunit of the OHSU EBM course in which the student was expected to acquire it. Competencies are listed in the results section and have been classified under broad curricular areas; however, there is some overlap between the curricular areas. These competencies although develo




School of Medicine



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