September 2010

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Dept. of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology


Oregon Health & Science University


Background: Community-based practices are being incentivized with Medicare and Medicaid dollars to install EHR systems that include clinical decision support (CDS) technology. This represents a relatively new subject population in biomedical informatics that will be using clinical decision support tools. This research endeavored to understand from community-based physicians‘ viewpoints what CDS means to them and what it can do to meet their needs. The purpose of the inquiry is to inform the design of CDS tools for these environments. Methods: The researcher carried out a user-centered needs assessment among 30 primary care physicians and one nurse administrator in community-based settings through in-practice observations and interviews. Interview and observation data was coded using multiple frameworks to explain user needs. First, a grounded method was used to generate themes associated with CDS needs from physicians‘ points of view. Second, a content analysis was conducted to determi




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