October 2011

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Dept. of Public Health and Preventive Medicine


Oregon Health & Science University


Introduction: The percentage of deaths under the age of five years attributed to neonatal mortality is rising worldwide. Knowledge of sub-national neonatal and perinatal mortality rates (NMR and PMR), causes of death, and risk factors for death is imperative for developing and implementing programs to decrease rates of neonatal and perinatal death. Objectives: Determine the NMR, PMR, causes of death, and risk factors for neonatal and perinatal death for nine villages in the Loreto Province of Peru. Methods: Eligible women were interviewed about pregnancy outcomes for the preceding five years. Women who experienced stillbirth or neonatal death were interviewed using the World Health Organization (WHO) International Standard Verbal Autopsy Questionnaire for death of a child under four weeks of age. Verbal autopsy reviewer agreement was assessed using percent agreement. Univariate logistic regression analyses, using generalized estimating equations, provided estimates of NMR and PMR adj




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