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Objectives: Hospitals are facing increasing pressures for the rapid adoption and implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), as well as regulatory requirements to meeting certain ‘meaningful use’ standards. The objective of this project was to evaluate a specific hospital’s EHR implementation, and assess the considerations and changes necessary for the hospital to address Stage 2 meaningful use requirements. Methods: This project assessed a single not-for-profit regional referral center with respect to its EHR implementation, and the requirements for it to meet the Stage 2 Eligible Hospital meaningful use objectives and measures. Results: A detailed assessment of the hospital’s current EHR implementation was made regarding the 16 core and 6 menu set objectives for Stage 2 Meaningful Use, as well as their associated measures. Current hospital performance was assessed, based upon available reports from the EHR system, and workflows were evaluated. Five of the 16 core objectives were defined as ‘high effort’ due to the requirement for additional EHR build, lack of clarity regarding how the EHR will be reporting against these measures with respect to nursing and provider workflows, or the requirement to engender behavior change in patients or with providers who are not associated with the hospital’s ambulatory EHR implementation. Conclusions: Hospitals should not assume that the successful implementation of Stage 1 meaningful use criteria allow Stage 2 implementations to occur with minimal work effort. The lack of clarity regarding exact EHR implementation and reporting methodologies for Stage 2 meaningful use are leading to a delay in actionable information. In addition, the requirement for hospitals to engender behavior changes in patients, current inpatient medical staff, as well as referral physicians who are not affiliated with the hospital’s ambulatory EHR greatly increase the complexity and risk associated with meeting Stage 2meaningful use requirements.


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