April 2013

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Dept. of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology


Oregon Health & Science University


One of the most important aspects of cognitive health is the ability to control attention; this is also one of the aspects of cognition that typically declines with age. New methods for cognitive health coaching for older adults require new techniques for unobtrusive continuous monitoring: gathering cognitive data from everyday activities performed in the home, rather than forcing elders to leave their natural environment to undergo a battery of tests. The studies discussed herein investigated a method for unobtrusively monitoring divided attention ability through analysis of performance on a cognitive computer game called 21 Tally. These studies demonstrate that divided attention ability can be estimated through the statistical analysis of the interactions between difficulty levels in a dual-task test. This method is used to enhance one standard dual-task cognitive test of divided attention, the Useful Field of View. The enhanced Useful Field of View (eUFOV) can predict performance o




School of Medicine



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