March 2013

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Dept. of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology


Oregon Health & Science University


Objective: The objective was to perform a qualitative analysis of data collected by Dr. Paula Scariati, DO MPH who as part of her thesis work designed and tested a Decision Aid to facilitate decision-making about mammography screening for women ages 38-48. Dr. Scariati, conducted semi-structured interviews of five clinical experts and five subject matter experts. Methods: This qualitative study analyzed transcripts from the semi-structured interviews to find recurrent themes. Two coders analyzed the transcripts individually and then group consensus coding sessions helped derive the results of the analysis. Results: The coders of the interviews reached a group coding interreliability > 80% across all themes. There were approximated 21 main themes across 163 total nVivo nodes. The qualitative analysis found that the information presented by the Decision Aid was higher than an eight-grade reading level. The time taken to go through the questions asked by the Decision Aid was t




School of Medicine



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