January 2013

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Dept. of Public Health and Preventive Medicine


Oregon Health & Science University


Prehospital emergency care is stressful and requires Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to work well under pressure, especially when it comes to the rarity of pediatric emergency calls. However, very few studies have examined the association between the gender of the EMTs and their child status to their reported comfort levels with pediatric care. This was a quantitative secondary analysis of surveys collected at two Oregon Emergency Medical Services (EMS) during 2009 and 2010. The surveys covered 18 pediatric care topics for comfort levels in which four conceptual care domains were created and the 5-point Likert scale responses were averaged for each domain for an outcome of “Uncomfortable” and “Comfortable”. The odds ratios were calculated with logistic regression analysis. This analysis showed female EMTs and EMTs without children were more likely to report higher odds of discomfort with vascular access, newborn resuscitation, and airway management. There was also an interaction f




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