May 2013

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Oregon Health & Science University


This Clinical Improvement Project (CIP) was a needs assessment regarding the need for a free/low-cost medical clinic in Hardin County, Iowa. There is an increasing need to bridge the gap of health care inequity all over America, and Hardin County Iowa is no different (The Dahlen Company, 2012; Davis, 2003; Institute of Medicine, 2002; Iowa Fiscal Partnership, 2010). There are a large number of people in this community who are unemployed, living in poverty, and/or lacking insurance or the funding for health care. Many small businesses owners are not able to afford to pay for health insurance for their workers; others are not able to afford to buy insurance for their own families. A needs assessment was performed to determine if the development of a free/low-cost medical clinic is something that would be of value to this community. The plan surrounding the implementation of this needs assessment is discussed in detail within the context of this clinical inquiry proposal.




School of Nursing



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