May 2013

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Oregon Health & Science University


This clinical inquiry project focused on qualitative data about the use of broadband, for live video telepsychiatry, to increase access to health services for clients of federally certified Rural Health Clinics (fcRHCs). Quantitative data about the clinics characteristics was used to augment the qualitative data. It is necessary to specify that the focus was on federally certified Rural Health Clinics, not clinics located in rural areas. The problem, the population affected, the epidemiology of the affected population, and the purpose of studying broadband in Oregon’s fcRHCs was presented. The literature was reviewed to justify the inquiry. Issues of policy, equity, access, and the ethics were addressed. The project required all the skills learned as a Doctor of Nursing Practice student. The project was designed on the assumption that the fcRHCs connected to broadband were engaged in telemedicine. The finding were that of the six (out of 60) fcRHCs connected to the national broadband in the spring of 2012, none were engaged in telemedicine. Although some clinics had begun to inquire into telemedicine, none of them were ready to implement a telemedicine program.




School of Nursing



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