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Scott Goodnight, Jr., M.D., reflects on his life and career in medicine. He begins the interview by discussing his father’s medical school career and practice in downtown Portland and Goodnight’s childhood growing up in Northwest Portland. He goes on to describe his undergraduate and graduate education in medicine at the University of Oregon, meeting his wife Cecelia, and his early involvement in biomedical research. Drafted by the Army, Goodnight also discusses his time spent at the Fitzsimmons General Hospital and General Medicine Clinic as well as the 85th Evacuation Hospital in Vietnam. He goes on to describe how he developed an interest in hemostasis and thrombosis, his fellowship and then faculty position at the University of Southern California, and his growing interest and involvement in medical education. He then describes how he came to return to Portland, receiving a job offer from Dr. Arthur Seaman, who departed soon thereafter, giving Goodnight his lab and patients. He describes starting the oral anti-coagulation clinic, one of the first in the nation, and discusses the early development of the clinic and its expansion to testing hemostasis and thrombotic disorders. Goodnight also describes his time as Associate Dean in the OHSU Department of Medicine and Hematology as well as his transition into clinical pathology. He goes on to describe his decision to leave OHSU and the medical profession, moving to Mosier and Hood River, Oregon, and getting involved in peach and berry farming. Goodnight concludes by discussing the many changes that happened at OHSU during his career as well as his involvement with the hemophilia clinic and its relationship with the Child Development & Rehabilitation Center.


Transcript of oral history interview with Scott Hamilton Goodnight, Jr., M.D., conducted on October 9, 2015 by Grover C. Bagby, M.D.


OHSU Oral History Project




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