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Gwynn Brice Dockery discusses her experiences in the 1930s and 1940s, first as a student at the London School of Economics (1937-1939) and then as a member of the administration at the University of Oregon Medical School (UOMS). Dockery joined UOMS in 1943 as an administrative assistant to Ralf Couch, Business Manager and Administrator of Hospitals. After Couch's untimely death, Dockery continued in her position under his successor, William Zimmerman, and also worked closely with Dean David Baird and Dr. Charles Holman in hospital and clinic administration. Topics of note in these interviews include: campus life during the war years, with scenes of students marching out on the "back forty" and performing drills under the supervision of Sarge Watts; health services and patient care during the late 1940s, describing the long lines in the Outpatient Clinic and the health care costs associated with each patient; the development of postgraduate medical education geared toward practitioners returning from military service; the development of health care insurance provided by early companies such as Kaiser and OPS in the 1950s and its impact on hospital administration; and how the increasing pressure to maintain accurate records on patient care led to the first attempts at computerization of data in hospitals and clinics.


Transcript of oral history interviews with Gwynn Brice Dockery, conducted on December 3, 1997 and January 27, 1998 by Linda Weimer


OHSU Oral History Project




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