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Biographical Information; Cadet Nursing Program; Student Life/Housing; Capping Ceremony; Henrietta Doltz; Instructors; Student Rotations/Work Load; Graduation/Post Graduation; Tuberculosis Hospital Superintendent; Salem Tuberculosis Hospital; Tuberculosis Treatment; Town-Gown Relationships; Dr. Matson; Dr. James Speros; Dr. William Conklin; Dr. Charles Holman; University Hospital North; Tuberculosis Patient Life; Changes in Technology, Treatment; Thoughts on Career; Index


In this oral history interview Barbara Jacob talks about her education in nursing, experiences as a nurse and administrator in the Tuberculosis Hospital in Portland, Oregon and the Tuberculosis Hospital in Salem, Oregon, about treatment and surgery of tuberculosis patients, and about her administrative duties as assistant hospital administrator at University of Oregon Health Sciences Center in Portland. Jacob was born in Lakeview, Oregon. She started pre-nursing studies in 1943 at Oregon State University and entered the nursing program at the University of Oregon School of Nursing in Portland in 1945 as a member of the Cadet Corps. Jacob obtained her nursing diploma in December 1947. After marriage, she followed her husband to Eastern Oregon and worked as a private duty nurse. She returned to Portland in 1949 and began working at the Tuberculosis Hospital as a general duty nurse. She taught tuberculosis nursing as an assistant to the clinical instructor. Jacob later became the Tuberculosis Hospital superintendent in 1953. She earned a master's degree in nursing from the University of Oregon in 1957, moved to Salem in 1963 to be assistant administrator of the Tuberculosis Hospital in Salem, and returned to Portland in 1967 to work in the reopened Tuberculosis Hospital on campus. Jacob took on administrative duties in the hospitals at the University of Oregon Medical School in 1973, becoming Assistant Hospital Administrator of the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center in 1974. She retired in 1979.


Transcript of oral history interview with Barbara Hiatt Jacob, conducted on August 31, 1998 by Linda A. Weimer


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