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Starting at Emanuel Hospital School of Nursing, 1937; Nursing Curriculum; State Board of Nursing Decision: Pediatric Nursing; Training at Doernbecher; Marriage, and a Break from Nursing; Establishment of Practical Nursing Course at Clark College; Going Back to School; Teaching Pediatric Nursing at OHSU; Sigma Theta Tau; SON Branch Campuses; Deans Boyle and Lindeman; Growth of Technology and Information; Master’s Program in Pediatric Nursing; Alumni Association; Index


Bernice Jones begins at the start of her nursing career as an eighteen year old girl in a small hospital in Toledo, Washington. She talks about her education, the nursing curriculum during the 1930s, and further education at the University of Oregon School of Nursing and the University of Washington. She established a one-year practical nursing program at Clark College in Vancouver. She joined the faculty of the University of Oregon School of Nursing in 1968 and taught pediatric nursing. She established a local chapter of the honorary nursing society Sigma Theta Tau and was instrumental in getting a grant to start a master's degree program in pediatric nursing in the 1970s. She reminisces about School of Nursing Deans Jean Boyle and Carol Lindeman. Bernice Jones was born in North Dakota on December 3, 1917. She graduated from Emanuel Hospital School of Nursing with a nursing diploma in 1940, from the University of Oregon School of Nursing with a bachelor's degree in 1967, and from University of Washington with a master's degree in 1968. She joined University of Oregon School of Nursing faculty in 1968 and retired in 1981.


Transcript of oral history interview with Bernice Jones, conducted on March 24, 1999 by Linda A. Weimer


OHSU Oral History Project




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